Saturday, January 24, 2009

Baseball time and ramblings

So today is baseball sign ups yeah for us. Tyler loves loves him some baseball. However I about flipped when I found the registration amount. But sometimes those are things we just do. I will be helping with the sign ups today. And am excited for a new season. I hope he does well in Minors. My baby is certainly growing up. 

I am also very happy that Bucky has announced Feburary 16th his new single will be released. And apparently I missed the conference call last night where he was doing teasers with 4 songs that are possiblites. This is certainly an exciting time for Bucky and His Band. They will also be doing a USO Tour in Feburary in Kosovo. Yeah for Bucky! 

Other than that, not alot going on here. Sign Ups today, helping my Uncle move later today. 
Probley Church in the morning, then off to help them finish moving. So hopefully an uneventful weekend for the most part! 

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