Friday, February 6, 2009

Bad Blogger lol

I told you guys, I am not good at this bloggy thing. Anyways, So not alot going on in my world like normal. LOL. This week Extreme Makeover Home Edition is in a town not far from me. So we have been over there watching them build this family a new home. Me and my brother have also done some voulnteering over there as well. It is an amazing experice and to see it first hand is unbelievable. We have had the pleasure of meeting Ty Pennington, and Pauly. (Ill share pictures when I get them downloaded) We also got a Hi from Micheal and Paige. We saw Ed from a far distance. But none the less such a blessing for this family. They run a sanctuary for wild animals. So touching. We had went to Hesperia to go to a benefit concert for the Almquist ( the Extreme Makeover ) Family. But by the time we got there they were well at capacity. Billy Ray Cyrus had come out to do it. 

 I also found out this week that Tyler will be going to another school I have him on the waiting list for come fall. I am beyond excited. We have really struggled with his current school and there lack of knowledge and ignorance. So we are blessed to know that more then likely he will be in Vanguard by the 4th Grade. He already knows several boys from cub scouts that go there. And this will hopefully be a new direction for us with school for him. 

Baseball try outs are tomorrow. He is very excited about this. This is his first year actually trying out. So it should be a good experience for him. I CAN ONLY HOPE! 

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