Friday, January 16, 2009

Ok So lets give this another shot

Ok so we are going to give this another try... Follow me on my journey through parenthood, being a cops wife, trying to conceive baby number #2. Yes my son is 9 but we desperately want another baby.  

Tyler is 9 years old, he enjoys Cubs Scouts, and Baseball. He is in the 3rd grade. Kids a a blessing. 
I am a stay at home Mom who enjoys making her home just that a home for my family. I enjoy scrapbooking, learning to sew, Crafty things, and Photography. 
Jason is a Deputy Sheriff, and is the love of my life. 

We are in the process of trying to have another child. We have been trying for upwards of 3 years with no avail. So the 25th of this month we will Journey to the "fertiliy" Clinic to see where the problem lies.

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